Tuesday, June 20, 2006


saunter had me baffled. with no couture runway within walking distance how was i to capture saunter ? my brain's functioning at low speed anyway - bronchiolitis has our home in limbo and combined with world cup at 2am no-one here is getting much sleep. anyway...saunter
after a day of cuddles and well... more cuddles all to no avail I thought maybe our brisk walk around the block would settle Shanti, (maybe I'd see a horse SAUNTER along). parenting rule #1 - make plans/routine
Shanti cried the whole way.
parenting rule #2 - dont get upset when parenting rule #1 goes pear shaped.
Not easily defeated i returned home and just wandered through the garden looking for something beautiful - interesting would have done.This is what i found.
I'm having so much fun slowing down. Looking at things in a new way.
Sauntering, infact.


Amanda said...

I love the pic of the shadows, for having a hard time with saunter, you really captured the feeling. I know what you mean with rule #1 and #2, when I have a schedule all goes to pot when we saunter through the day we have a better time.

Waya said...

You really took some great photos. Is that a pregnant belly? If so, that's beautiful!

katie said...

Great photos, I love the first one. It seems like all of our walks are slow saunters lately, checking out this and that.

Shelley said...

I am a planner, which gets in the way of my sauntering, but I'm loving seeing your interpretations of it. I feel inspired to get out there with a camera and SLOWWWW DOWWWWN.

lindaharre said...

I LOVE THE EGG? the shadow on it is really cool!