Tuesday, June 27, 2006

open studio

My dearest and oldest friend has had a hard year, battling depression. I painted this for her. I'll get to see her in August so I'll give it to her then, for her new house. She's a florist and peonys are the most gorgeous luscious flowers, my favourite. The colours are kind of crazy but I like the way they vibrate off each other. I hope it has a positive energy that'll bring something positive to her, if only knowing that its made with love.

and this is my girls playroom. My studio is under construction at this very moment. any month now it'll be done. So for the time being I paint in this fantastic light filled space. Its fun.

Friday, June 23, 2006


acrylic on canvas board

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


saunter had me baffled. with no couture runway within walking distance how was i to capture saunter ? my brain's functioning at low speed anyway - bronchiolitis has our home in limbo and combined with world cup at 2am no-one here is getting much sleep. anyway...saunter
after a day of cuddles and well... more cuddles all to no avail I thought maybe our brisk walk around the block would settle Shanti, (maybe I'd see a horse SAUNTER along). parenting rule #1 - make plans/routine
Shanti cried the whole way.
parenting rule #2 - dont get upset when parenting rule #1 goes pear shaped.
Not easily defeated i returned home and just wandered through the garden looking for something beautiful - interesting would have done.This is what i found.
I'm having so much fun slowing down. Looking at things in a new way.
Sauntering, infact.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This is Marty. aka comfort. My legend husband, who whilst often has me rolling my eyes heavenward at his craziness, keeps me sane most of the time. He is in training for the ultmate foot massage and has a little way to go. He writes a mean song and makes a cup of tea like no one I know. He's rather gorgeous actually.
Oh, and a stroll on the beach is good too.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

saturday night

Any moment now Shanti will call for me, so its now I practice my speedy typing. !!??
Lumberjack cake was a highlight today; not so much the consuming as the making with Mollie.
Its very cool to get some time with her, when she's not busy gymnasticing or pianoing or some other incrediblly interesting ing thing. Before that it was a surprise visit to Marty on the hill - what a spot. Pale smudgy green and maroon canes from the vines reaching to the sky. It would be good to do something with them before theyre cut - but what. I need to learn to weave.
Hey, and Laila lost her first tooth. And Shanti started crawling this week. Small things in the scheme of things...but i smiled.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Its late now and while the sun begins to thaw those northern hemisphere bones, here frostbite threatens to sharpen its nasty little teeth whilst i write, so warm seems a little incongruous at this point; nevertheless, warmth you shall have....
A big dancing chai with a shoulder shrug and wrist flick a la bollywood should do the trick. Thick with honey, heady with ginger and cardamon to toast from the inside. Thats what makes me warm.
When the frenetic energy of my girls is about to topple me into the abyss - its then when I hear it calling me from afar. a teeny little voice heeelllllllooooooooo. Its time to be quiet, even better if theres a little sweety thing too. Mayhaps a chocolatey bicuity thing or even a syrupy filoish delight but it all works. Especially if no-one finds me...

Shanti & me