Wednesday, February 14, 2007

an open letter

to my darling girls
I awoke this morning with such mixed emotions.
Seeing An Inconvenient Truth, I think, may tend to do that to one.
At once I am filled with excitement at the propects of travelling this exciting path with you in the belief that the steps we are taking are true; that choosing to lead a simpler life with all the benefits of living in the amazing place we do, is right. There is no question in my mind. That i feel such positive emotions at the same time as being so concerned that the world is heading down a path that can only lead to tragedy is so confusing to me.

The only thing i can do is stay on this path that seems so right.
And by taking one step at a time i seem to be learning some unexpected lessons. Of couse there are the environmental benefits... but
in walking rather than driving I get to hold your hands more.
I get to look around and appreciate what i have, more.
That buying vintage clothing is like going on a treasure hunt.
That buying local vegetables from an 'alive' market makes everything taste better. I swear it.
That starting the community garden has me more excited than anything in a long time.

I hope that taking these simple steps (amongst all the others) goes some way to help preserve our beautiful planet.
and that soon I'll start to feel that we are treading lightly. That its not too late.
that your children too will have a place to live.
and that we will leave this world a better place.

all my love

Saturday, February 10, 2007


my day with t
1. Cleanse. Steamy water with lemon and ginger. To clear , start the day full of promise and hope and full of good intentions. If i get this right maybe i'll be good for the rest of the day.- If not , at least i got this right. Also good for the liver.
2. Walk home from school drop off and Marty with any luck has the kettle on. This is the ritual part because Martys is THE t wallah of the family. Warm the kettle. Sellect the t based on discussion on what may be appropriate for this particular day, will it be earl grey or english breakfast. If Marty is feeling dominant, he'll try to convice me that a smoky russian caravan is best (why you'd drink it anywhere other than a smoky russian caravan, I'm not sure.)If he's succesful, the next morning i'll insist on a floral lady grey. Brew the tea (not for the impatient). Warm the cups. Pour the milk......and the t.
Now its our time to debrief on the previous day, gigs or what ever. We are invariably interupted at this point by (generally Martys - my frinds are rarely so impertinent) well meaning friends who must smell the tea from their homes and decide its time to chat.

3. PM. Chai.
It can only be chai.
I make my own caffeine free brew with Rooibos and the usual suspects. Cardamon, cloves, Cinnamon stick, dried ginger, and sometimes if i'm feeling brave star annise and pepper. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Honey. Soy. Country Living or maybe organic gardner magazine. Should see me through the evening craziness... at least until its time for something a little fiestier. Is that a word ?

4. Late. A sleepy time infusion does the trick. Chamomile, caledula with some peppermint and licorice root for good I'm feeling dreamy

Monday, February 05, 2007


My beautiful girls in our beautiful home....
its always like this ofcourse,
sun a shining,
birds a singing,
girls playng peacefully together
he he he

Saturday, February 03, 2007

summer in the garden

What can i say.
Life is sweet.