Saturday, February 10, 2007


my day with t
1. Cleanse. Steamy water with lemon and ginger. To clear , start the day full of promise and hope and full of good intentions. If i get this right maybe i'll be good for the rest of the day.- If not , at least i got this right. Also good for the liver.
2. Walk home from school drop off and Marty with any luck has the kettle on. This is the ritual part because Martys is THE t wallah of the family. Warm the kettle. Sellect the t based on discussion on what may be appropriate for this particular day, will it be earl grey or english breakfast. If Marty is feeling dominant, he'll try to convice me that a smoky russian caravan is best (why you'd drink it anywhere other than a smoky russian caravan, I'm not sure.)If he's succesful, the next morning i'll insist on a floral lady grey. Brew the tea (not for the impatient). Warm the cups. Pour the milk......and the t.
Now its our time to debrief on the previous day, gigs or what ever. We are invariably interupted at this point by (generally Martys - my frinds are rarely so impertinent) well meaning friends who must smell the tea from their homes and decide its time to chat.

3. PM. Chai.
It can only be chai.
I make my own caffeine free brew with Rooibos and the usual suspects. Cardamon, cloves, Cinnamon stick, dried ginger, and sometimes if i'm feeling brave star annise and pepper. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Honey. Soy. Country Living or maybe organic gardner magazine. Should see me through the evening craziness... at least until its time for something a little fiestier. Is that a word ?

4. Late. A sleepy time infusion does the trick. Chamomile, caledula with some peppermint and licorice root for good I'm feeling dreamy


sammie said...

i'll be there in the morning!!!! BUT... not for smelly smoky russians all cramped into a caravan!!
ps did you get our cheshunt real estate msg???
pps happy valentines gorgeous!

me again said...

ppps i won't really b there!!! it IS valentines after all!

Anonymous said...

OK, after reading that I think I'll skip the coffee and have earl grey tomorrow. I like your writing.

Princess Haiku said...

I have discovered the delight of lemon ginger tea. After reading your post I was inspired to make a cup and leaving one behind for you.