Saturday, September 22, 2007

Adelaide Pix

Our August trip, too brief as always.
Its a touchstone -
catching up with old friends and places
reminding me who i am.
reminding me of the path.
and dont you just love a suitcase monster.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

gypsy journey. part 2

ok. so both sides of my pages started in the same way... first with a drawing that I copied, then transferred.
next step was to collage with hand coloured paper towel (a la Tracey be Bautista)-
then while wet coloured the image with caran dache neo colour 11 (LOVE this bit)
and when dry adding those shimmery water colour pots
um....then details with white pen and sequins and beads and things.
now i'm finished and i dont know what to do.
what do you do in those quiet inspiration free zones ?

ps. these pages were inspired by cinka panna
18th century gypsy violinist and the gypsy journey from India to Europe.
When i think gypsy - i think music, horses and dancing. and i love those vibrant Indian colours...

gypsy journey. part 1

These ones i threw together with some felt I'd made a while ago, some banana fibre and little mirror things.
they are to go on your bridle (ok - your horse's bridle) as protection from the evil eye...spooky

and this... started with a disk made from model magic. Then an image transfer using 'orange spirit' ..mmmm smells great - the image was from one of Mums old swap cards. Then a coat of glass varnish (basically 2-pac). I'm going to try some more of these... one day.