Saturday, October 21, 2006


Thats what I feel like.
A Work In Progresss.

On the verge of so many changes it seems.
The crazy weather has me considering major lifestyle shifts to live in a rainforest on the mid eastcoast.
No power. No water.
No road actually.
It would really be camping till we built a house.
An eco house. To tread lightly.
All this waste seems so ridiculous...
its time to start living a bit more responsibly methinks...
thats how i feel today.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

lost freaky doll

This is Lost.
She's my doll for my Friend Sammy's Art Doll Swap round robin collaborative art project thing.
Anyway - I shall send her off on her adventure soon. I've never made a doll before so I'm a bit happy about her.
She has a soft cloth body and a papier mache head.
I really like her despondant look - now I need to make her story for the journal that is to travel with her...
I'll be posting images of the dolls I work on too.
Stay tuned for more....