Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Parenting 101


Are all 8 year olds full of
"I know everything" ?

Do I
a) Insist that she gets some humility, NOW.
b) Let go. Remember how good it was to feel like you really KNEW something.
c) Ask her what she thinks - she probably knows the answer anyway.
d) Lock her in a smallish yellow cage and send her into space, to return when she learns to treat her mother with the love, unconditional respect and tenderness she so obviously deserves.


sammie said...

oh dear! patience dear grasshopper patience. Miss Eight - you damn well behave yourself or i'll send my husband over to sort you right out....
ps I think the cage....

Anonymous said...

TO feel like I knew something would be nice, she looks soooo happy!!!!

misty said...

oh how beautiful they are....and HAPPY, HAPPY birthday dear one....I Hope it was a most wonderful day, filled with laughter and frosting. xoxo