Saturday, January 06, 2007

a new year

At the moment this is my favourite. In fact every new piece i do is a favourite for a little while so you may have to ask again in a couple of weeks.

Its probaby the first piece i've done that relates directly to an event in my life, (that i remember around this time of year) so it feels really personal to me. I dont what to be too specific 'cause
it interests me to hear other peoples understanding of a piece of art.
Marty had a really different perspective to what I was feeling when I painted it... and since hearing his ideas my understanding of the piece has changed a little too. I love that.


sammie said...

wow, this is really different to anything else you've done. it's quite dark (well it looks dark on the net anyway) and there's a certain 70's appeal. i'm wondering about turmoil though? xo

Judy Scott said...

A heavy sad heart with tears ~ if I am right I send you big hugs, if I am wrong thats just the way I am just now and I send you big hugs anyway!! Jude xxx

Judy Scott said...

I meant to say I love the piece too xxx