Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Euterpe glanced her fingers o'er her lute
And lightly waked it to a cheerful strain
Then laid it by, and took the mellow flute
Whose softly flowing warble filled the plain;
It was a lay that roused the drooping soul,
And bade the tear of sorrow cease to flow;
From shady woods the nymphs enchanted stole,
while laughing cupids bent the silver bow
Fluttering like fays that flit in Luna's softened glow

from An Ode To Music
James G Percival
Euterpe (by the way) is the muse from greek mythology, for music.


~Gina said...

I love these words, they give me cold shivers and I like the image you created to illustrate the words.

Josh said...

very cool image.

Amanda said...

euterpe is beautiful, I think this is my favorite so far. You used a sheet of music? Did you mount it on anything? Just curious how it help up to the paint, I love the composition, it looks ancient.

Joy Eliz said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Kala said...

this is beautiful and ethereal, really suits the lyrics.

DEW said...

I love how you layered over the music sheet - the transparency level is exactly right! Great interpretation of the music - wonderful!