Saturday, July 08, 2006

oh the humiliation

Ok so its a little embarrassing to be removed from a host website. I figure that its probably because I've made mistakes in my addressing linking type thing so I'm not welcome at Mama says Om this week. I dont feel so Om at the moment.
Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to stop spending my time searching for inspiration, nurturing, connection on this crazy machine. Just get on with it. Turn the computer off and live my life...
ok ok Im going already
No need to tell me twice.
Im off.
Dont try and stop me....
Here I go.
I'm going.

So - now I'm really embarrassed. I'm typing posts to myself and even I'm not listening....
Oh dear.


untamechildofnature said...

Everyone do make mistake every now and then. Why not take this chance as a learning experience. Cheer up!

Samm said...

oopsy! I still love ya! Oh and thanks for the heads up re IMT transfer techniques... might have time to squeeze one in before the USA turns thursday!